The Adventurers Solar Installation

Want to have a backup power source?

Don’t Want to Run out of battery power?

Want extra Freedom On Your Next Adventure?

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Solar For Adventurers

We get it… that’s why we can set you up with the convenience of a dual battery solar powered setup. Whatever vehicle you have we can get you fully mobile. Never run out of power…

The Ultimate Freedom...
Let us set you up to camp anywhere anytime!

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HOw Q Solar works


Dual battery installation

We Install a dual battery that suits your vehicle and lifestyle.


Solar power for utes Sydney

Add a solar power panel to your 4wd, camper or van.. don’t worry it looks way better than this!

STEP Three

qsolar Solar Power Services for boats

Have access to unlimited power for your motor and devices!

never run out of power on your next adventure. If you are trekking around Australia in a camper, Setting up your caravan for a family trip, or want your 4wd fully kitted up with solar. Then let us take a look at your vehicle and see how we can help. We know that there is nothing better then off roading or getting off the grid. Installing solar on your car means that you and your family have all the convenience of home on your next adventure.

GET Cold Beers Wherever You go!

DISCLAIMER: We don't endorse drink driving... but we do endorse cold beers always ready for the end of the drive!